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Surepay | Western Union

SurePay is a technologically-advanced bill consolidation and payments system located in Barbados. SurePay securely handles the distribution of the funds to each of the billers on your behalf and at no cost to you! It’s easy….one total, one payment and you receive an official proof of payment receipt for your records. If you have your bills with you, just hand them to the SurePay teller and verify how much you want to pay toward each bill.

The SurePay system is constantly in communication with each of the biller’s accounting systems, updating payments to each account on an on-going basis which means all account information is kept current and secure. It also means you can pay bills on the day they are due and not risk penalty. You can even make payments after the bills are due! So if you’re looking for an easy way to pay bills give SurePay a try! … The convenient way to pay!

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