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We allow you to hold items in your cart for 2 hours so you can consider your selections and continue shopping. After 2 hours your cart will expire but before that happens we will send you an email reminder so you don’t miss out!

Step By Step Guide:

You can search for items on your shopping list by:

  1. Using our search bar


  1. Selecting the appropriate category and looking through our range of products.


Once you have found your desired item, you can adjust the quantity required by using the + and next to the Add To Cart button. When you have the correct quantity simply click Add To Cart to add the item to your online shopping cart.


If you are purchasing an item that is sold by its weight, to ensure that we choose exactly what you want, you can tell us how much you want to spend by adding a note in the Special Instructions box. E.g. A note like “Price between $18 and $20” will help us to choose the perfect Whole Chicken for your Sunday lunch!

At any point during your shopping you can review you cart by clicking on the cart icon and you can view your cart.

Once you have made all of your selections, click on the Checkout button. This will take you to our Checkout page. Here you can fill in your billing and shipping addresses and choose your Delivery Date & Time.

To complete your order click on the Place Order button and we will do the rest.

When you make an online order, the total amount is shown as a ‘guide price’. This means how it sounds – the ‘guide price’ is only a guide; therefore, it might be higher or lower than the actual bill you receive for your order.

Here are some reasons for this:

  • Between placing your order and getting it delivered, there may be new promotions, for example, an offer on a crackers multipack. This is typical of price changes that may affect the final basket total.
  • With loose fruit and vegetables, like grapes and potatoes, we charge by weight, so the final price is all about the ones we pick for you.
  • Pre-packed, weighed items like meat, poultry and cheese may also vary slightly in price.
  • Some items may be out of stock.

Your online groceries order is complete once you’ve taken it through the Checkout part of the website.  Once you’ve checked out, you’ll receive an automated email, detailing all the products and quantities and guiding prices in your order. The delivery driver will give you a copy of your receipt with details of all the products you’ve bought, including substitutions and unavailable products.

At this time Massy Stores Vouchers are only redeemable instore.

Payments by Massy Credit Card and Massy Loyalty card are accepted.

Some of our promotions will be made available both instore and online. Where a deal is available online we will highlight it on our website.

Yes. Massy Card Loyalty Points will be earned on your order. Please input your Massy Card Loyalty Number when you are placing your order, points cannot be awarded after the transaction has been completed.

The product information contained on the website has been published in good faith and we will do our best to ensure that it is accurate. However, occasionally, it may be incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date due to human error or circumstances beyond our control. The colours and appearance of the actual products may vary slightly from the pictures you see on your screen. All measurements and sizes are approximate, although we try our best to make them as accurate as possible. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions here.

Massy Stores (Barbados) Ltd. is committed to making our website accessible for all customers, including those with disabilities. We have taken steps to ensure our website is compliant with professional standards. If you experience challenges when using the website or have feedback, please contact Customer Service.

Whenever you place a Massy Stores Barbados online groceries order we’ll do our very best to deliver all the items that you’ve ordered.  Sometimes, one or more of your items may not be available when we pick your order, because the item has gone out of stock, for example. If you’ve chosen to allow substitutions, we will offer you a suitable alternative of similar value. We choose substitutes very carefully and offer what we believe is the most appropriate alternative to the product you’ve ordered. If you don’t allow substitutions, your shopper will skip over the item.

  • If we offer substitutes we’ll make this very clear by sending you an email detailing substitutions once your order has been picked, and, by calling you.
  • If you are not happy with our substitutions please contact the Customer Care Team at your delivery store within 24 hours of your delivery. The item(s) will need to be returned, in their original condition, to your nearest Massy Stores Barbados within 48 hours of your delivery. Massy Stores Barbados outsources our delivery to HopScotch and therefore we are unable to accept returns at the point of delivery.

Massy Stores Barbados reserves the right to refuse returned items that are not in a suitable condition.

For further information please review our Terms and Conditions here.

You need to be registered on the site to place an order.

If you ordered weighted items such as produce, seafood or meat or pre-packaged items that are of variable weight, you will be charged for the actual weight of the item picked by our team of personal shoppers. Our team will do the best to ensure that the items you receive are as close as possible to the weight that you ordered.

You can cancel any of your current orders up to two (2) hours after placing an order at check-out. You can do this by going to ‘My account’ and selecting ‘Cancel my order’.  You will be allowed to cancel your order after two (2) hours has elapsed from placing an order at check-out but your credit card will be charged a cancellation fee of Twenty Barbados Dollars ($20.00).If you cancel your order, the pre-authorisation reserve will be removed from your account within a few working days.

Yes you may change your order. Navigate to My Orders and click Order Query. Please let us know what changes are required.

Yes, you can list products you may not see on the website. Upon checkout and under “Additional Comments” please list products you do not see, and we will include them in your order once available.

You can re-add items to your cart from a previous order, click My Orders in the top right hand corner. Look for the order number and click Add to Cart.

Click My Orders in the top right hand corner. Once in My Orders you can make changes to your orders:


Massy Stores (Barbados) Ltd. is a VAT registered company.

VAT is levied at the rate of 17.5% on the value of a wide range of goods and services imported or supplied in Barbados by VAT-registered entities.

There are certain basic food items which are zero-rated. These food items are in the zero-rated basket of goods, which simply means that they currently have a rate of VAT that is zero.

You can find a full list of those food items here.

All the prices on our website are VAT-inclusive. The VAT due for your purchase will be itemized on your receipt.

Although your estimated total is displayed in the currency selected, your card will be charged in Barbados dollars taking into consideration the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard or Discovery. We do not accept cash.

Curbside Pickup

Please arrive at the curbside pickup location at the designated date and time. None the less, we will also e-mail you when your order is ready:

  1. Once you receive the e-mail you can let us know you are on the way so your order will be ready.
  2. When you arrive, please proceed to one of the designated parking spaces reserved at the front of the Farm & Garden Shop.
  3. Please call us at 429-2746 and our representative will be out to greet you with your order.

Curbside is free.

Checking in before your arrival will help us prepare your order faster.

When it’s time to pick up your order, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the e-mail indicating your order is ready for collection.
  2. At the bottom of the e-mail, click the link that says let us know that you are on the way.
  3. Follow the signage at Massy Stores Warrens to the designated pick up area.

At present, Curbside is only available at Massy Stores Warrens in Barbados.

You’ll be asked to provide a valid government issued ID and the order number during the Curbside process at the store.

We offer same day curbside pickup.


Through our partner Markev Couriers, we deliver to any address on the island of Barbados. If you reside in a “gated community”, we ask that you alert your community’s security team of your imminent delivery.

We’re really sorry to hear you need to make a complaint. If you have a complaint about a service or product you’ve received, we want to know. The quickest way to get in touch is to give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to help:


Massy Stores Supermarket Worthing                        (246)435-7927
Massy Stores Supermarket Sunset Crest                  (246)432-1127
Massy Stores SuperCentre Warrens                          (246)417-5200
Massy Stores Supermarket Sky Mall                          (246)434-1020
Massy Stores Customer Care Team                            (246)430-4940

Massy Stores Corporate Office                                    (246)434-0482

Speaking to a member of our team on the phone is the quickest way to get in touch about your complaint.

If you prefer, you may also contact us via email at [email protected]
We’ll aim to reply to you within 3 days, but please bear in mind it may take longer to respond over a weekend or bank holidays.

You or someone aged 18 or over on your behalf must be available to receive, inspect and sign for your grocery order. We will not be able to leave goods unattended under any circumstances.

Safety is our highest priority. Our colleagues will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and will not enter your home when they deliver your groceries. Our drivers also have sanitizer on hand which they will continue to use before and after each delivery.

Our delivery service does not include a detailed check of your shopping. The driver will hand you the delivery paperwork when your groceries are delivered. However, if you have any queries, you are welcome to call our Customer Care Team on (246)430-4940.

Yes, we’ll deliver to customers in self‐isolation/quarantine. You can let us know that you’re in self‐isolation when you order (using the Additional Comments box) or let the driver know at the door, so that they can deliver safely.

Our drivers will deliver to your doorstep while keeping a 6-foot distance from you.

Safety is our highest priority. Our colleagues will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and will not enter your home when they deliver your groceries.

Our grocery delivery service is available Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

  • We do not deliver on Sundays.
  • We do not deliver on Public Holidays.

Please note that these times are subject to change due to Covid-19 protocols.

The delivery and processing charge is based on your selected delivery slot.

Minimum order value $100.00 BBD

The delivery charge will be added to your bill when we process your order.

We will bag your groceries using our compostable carrier bags. The cost of the bags used will be included in your total.

If you would rather have your groceries packed in our Massy Stores reusable bags please add the reusable shopping bags required to your shopping cart. Please note that we will pack any items that do not fit into the reusable bags purchased into single-use compostable bags and the cost of the bags used will be included in your total.

To take the best care of your shopping, we pack your frozen and chilled goods in separate bags and keep them at the right temperature.

If you have any missing items, and no substitute has been provided, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Please contact us if you have items in your Grocery Delivery that are:

  • Missing
  • Short in their ‘use by’ date
  • Damaged

Notification of goods falling into the above categories will only be accepted within 24 hours of your delivery.

If you are not happy with our substitutions, please contact the Customer Care Team at your delivery store within 24 hours of your delivery. The item(s) will need to be returned, in their original condition, to your nearest Massy Stores within 48 hours of your delivery.

Massy Stores outsources our delivery to a trusted partner and therefore we unable to accept returns at the point of delivery.

Massy Stores reserves the right to refuse returned items that are not in a suitable condition.

If an item is damaged, please contact our eCommerce Team to notify them of the damaged items. Our team will arrange to have the items replaced or refunded as necessary. You can also return the damaged item(s) to your nearest Massy Stores Barbados branch accompanied by a copy of your order/receipt.

Notification of goods received damaged will only be accepted within 24 hours of your delivery.

If you have a credit/debit statement showing the transaction, this can be used as proof of purchase. Alternatively, the store may also be able to provide a duplicate receipt if you can provide the date and time of transaction.

Refunds for transactions may take 7-10 days (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

If you have any problems with a refund please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team. Direct contact with your card provider may also help you find out the status of your refund.

Our delivery team will contact you before we attempt to make your delivery to confirm that someone is available to receive the delivery and to confirm your delivery location.

If you are not in when we deliver your order, we’ll leave a “while you were out” card in your mailbox. This will contain details on how to get in touch with us to arrange an alternative delivery time. Our drivers will also try to get in touch with you on the phone to rearrange a delivery time.

If Massy Stores attempts to make your delivery and is unsuccessful, and you have not contacted our Customer Care Team on (246)430-4940 within 24 hours to rearrange a failed delivery, the order will be cancelled and refunded and we may retain the delivery fee.

In some instances, all products may not be offered for online purchase. If you do not see a product that you would like to purchase on our website please indicate this during check-out in the additional comments field.

We do not provide delivery outside of Barbados.

We offer next day delivery.

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