10%Super Chick Chicken Whole
11%Pork Loin Chops Local Fresh
31%Chickmont Chicken Tenders
13%Chickmont Chicken Drumsticks
32%Chickmont Chicken Chunks
22%Halal Chicken Leg Quarter
0%Pork Stew Local Bone-In
15%Star Chick Chicken Whole
0%Pork Shoulder Steak
0%Pork Shoulder Roast (Fresh)
0%Pork Leg Roast-Bone In
17%Certified Angus  Ribeye Roast
0%Pork Leg Slices – Bone In
0%Pork Leg Roast Boneless
19%Pork Stew Bone In Bulk/pk
0%Pork Flap (Fresh)
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